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The stunning conclusion to the epic Neandertal trilogy unfolds in Search for the Heart of the Bison!

Novice archeologist Sandi Hartwell finds exactly what she wants in the hills of northern Pakistan—hard fossil evidence that Neandertals and Cro-Magnons successfully produced offspring. Her future looks promising, but less than one month later the attacks on the World Trade Center will change everything.

The enigmatic Neandertal expert, Garret Chambers, manages to get Sandi and the crew back into Pakistan to the site of their discovery. New discoveries abound, but then Sandi and Garret find themselves surrounded by murderous terrorists. Rescued by a flying saucer, she is taken to an extraordinary civilization governed by an arthritic old man named Ronaldo. There Sandi is plunged into a diabolical plot. After centuries of specialized breeding, a group of the descendants of the Neandertals, led by the charismatic Solero, is preparing to arm a global network of terrorists with WMD.

Having felt the power of the ancient Spirit Fire, Sandi joins forces with Renaldo to stop Solero’s plan. Using a sixth sense that even she can’t explain, Sandi frantically follows the fossil trail of a legendary priestess named Kectu to discover the key that will destroy Solero’s plot. Drawn together by shared peril, she falls in love with Garret, but their love will be tested and her perception of the world will be pushed to the limit.


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Having just finished “Search for the Heart of the Bison: Neandertals Book Three” I am happy to say that is was a fantastic ending to the Neandertals trilogy written by Glen R Stott.

In “Heart of the Bison; Neandertals Book One” Stott provided us with a unique story of how Nandertals and Cro-Magnons lived on this planet.

In “Spirit Fire: Neandertals Book Two” Stott... provided us with a believable hypothesis as to what a war for survival would have been like between these two very different races/cultures.

Finally in “Search for the Heart of the Bison: Neandertals Book Three” Stott wraps up the three part tale by bringing us forward through the ages; using our archeological discoveries and scientific suppositions to do so... The tale was unique and interesting. The characters were, for the most part, believable and I enjoyed the “what if” aspect of the story.

Throughout the entire Neandertals trilogy there has also been an important message about all civilizations living together in peace and harmony. While none of the books provide a detailed roadmap on how to achieve this elusive aspiration, it does provide the reader with interesting food for thought.

Charline Ratcliff of Rebecca Reads


Glen R. Stott, with his work, “Search for the Heart of the Bison” completes a trilogy on Neandertals which started with the fascinating “Heart of the Bison” and the second entry, “Spirit Fire.” Both those books took place in ancient times, and were tinged with pointed mysticism. This final entry has moved the reader up to present day but the links with the previous tales are secure, arriving through archeologist Sandi Hartwell's finding of fossils that bring back the spirit and memory of characters from those other, inventive novels. More than that, Mr. Stott continues here with his heartfelt exploration of man's destructive tendencies, questioning through story and happenings, rather than polemics, why we hurl ourselves down the paths we tend to. It is a most welcome interrogation, done with a storytelling ability that harnesses a wide ranging imagination in order to get at essential questions.

“Search for the Heart of the Bison” stands alone as a novel but is also fascinating to experience looking back at the Cro-Magnon and Neandertal worlds that were rendered in the first two works. We see science searching these worlds with the knowledge they have, then in the vein of science fiction, the ancient and modern worlds collide. The Sun People and The Earth People are back in a way, rounding into the here and now with the concerns for peace and the need for war that seem to be the central motif of Stott's trilogy. If it appears I am suggesting you must read the first two parts, that is not the case and don't let it scare you off; I am merely letting you know reading those books first adds an element of  joy to the witnessing of the present day characters and their searching and reactions. It allows a wry grin and knowingness that I enjoyed. However, rest assured, all is plain and wonderfully set down here in this final chapter, and you will not feel in any way out of the loop if you pick this tasty fiction up first and only.

The main protagonist in “Search for the Heart of the Bison” is Sandi Hartwell and she is an exquisite example of really bringing a character to life. It is a rare pleasure to have such a strong, smart main player be female. The love story between Garret and Sandi is masterful and not overwrought or domineering. It does not take away from the odyssey of this adventure. I am a fan of any kind of fiction done right, and though I do not often read science fiction, Glen Stott uses it here only as a piece of the pie and it is measured out in a way that adds to the plot and absolutely takes things in a direction you end up believing inevitable and necessary. The writing, as in the two previous works, is direct and hard chiseled, a technique which allows the reader to fall more steadily into the worlds designed by the author. Things move fast in this book and there is much going on that will ignite your thoughts and make you wonder. So much of today's worries, terrorism, continual strife, world imbalance, cross the boards of history and combined with the esoteric archeology of past doings lay a map of fear that is only tempered by the desire for hope and peace Glen R Stott has pollinated this work with. The `watchers' are here; we ought to bow to our better instincts and give their souls pleasant rest.

F. T. Donereau


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