Publishing a Paperback

Perhaps you would like to publish your book as a Paperback or Hardback instead of, or in addition to the Ebook platform. Amazon has Createspace that lets you go that route. Amazon and Createspace both use Lightning Source to print, package, and mail books directly to buyer.  Lightning Source has a subsidiary called Ingram Spark to help authors publish their books. Ingram Spark distributes globally through book marketing channels including; Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I chose Ingram Spark, so the discussion below refers to them. You will have to have a full cover design (front, spine, and back), and a formatted interior; both in pdf format. If you don’t have a cover and you feel up to doing your own, Ingram Spark will help – see step 17. To begin go to; and sign up for their free account. From the Dashboard click on Add a New Title and follow the steps.

1. Select Print & Ebook or Print Only – I use the Print Only because I chose Kindle to be my sole eBook publisher.

2. Imprint – your name as publisher

3. Title

4. Subtitle

5. Language –probably English

6. Contributors – enter you as author and others if needed (coauthor, cover graphics, etc.)

7. Subjects – the system provides an extensive list to pick from.

8. Description – a synopsis

9. Trim size – select from their list (I use 6” x 9”)

10. Interior Color & Paper – select from list (I use Black and White with Creme )

11. Binding type – select from list (I use Paperback with Perfect Bound) Note; if you select hardback you will need a dust jacket cover design.

12. Laminate type – select. (I use Matte for my Neandertal series because it gives a prehistoric look, and Gloss for the others)

13. Page Count – you have to get this from yourPDF file.

14 Print ISBN – if you don’t have an ISBN, you will be given an option to purchase one for $85.00.

15. Pricing – you can play with the different parameters to arrive at “Compensation” you decide on.

16. Publication Date

17. Upload your files; At this point, if you do not have a cover, you can get a template to help you with it. You can save and leave the book submission form to do your cover design and then come back to the form when you are ready.  If you are not given the link to the cover template in the form, you can get it by going to the Ingram Spark Home page (this will require that you sign out – upper right-hand corner under your acct number). From the Home page click Help > Cover Template Generator. You fill out a form (which requires the ISBN number you will have gotten on step 14) and they will email you the template with instructions. I had my covers already designed ahead of time, so I didn’t deal with this situation. You must use PDF for the cover and interior. Some of my books had error messages with an option to let Ingram Spark make corrections at no cost. I just clicked that, and everything was fine.

After the files have been uploaded and you have previewed them, the book will ready for printing. You are given an opportunity to order the first print of your book so that you can make sure it looks like you want before it goes live. When you go live, you will be given the option of having them put your book in their catalog for $60.00. Then you release the book. On my first book, they charged me a setup fee of $12.00, but on the other ones, there was no charge. 

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