Who were the first white people

Five million years ago the most advanced primates were the great apes in Africa. Then shifting tectonic plates created the Himalayan Mountains in Asia and the Great Rift Fissure in Africa. The mountains changed the weather in eastern Africa and the fissure trapped the apes there. The jungles of East Africa dried up and were replaced by desert-like steppes. The apes in the steppes became the Hominids that developed to become variations of early man. After several million years, Homo erectus appeared.

Homo erectus spread from Africa across Europe and Asia. They evolved into more advanced forms of Homo, including; Peking Man in china and Neandertals in Europe. The existence of Neandertals in Europe goes back as early as 250,000 years ago. They were the first Homo sapiens – Homo sapiens neanderthalansis.

The first Cro-Magnons, Homo sapiens sapiens, appeared in East Africa around 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Some of them migrated out of Africa reaching Europe around 40,000 years ago. The Cro-Magnons replaced all the decedents of Homo erectus; including Peking man, Java man, and the Neandertals.

Because of the high exposure to sun on the steppes, it is almost certain that all the human evolutionary progenitors including Homo erectus and Cro-Magnons had highly pigmented skin to protect them from damaging solar rays.

As Cro-Magnons moved to cooler climates, their skin gradually lightened, most likely because they were exposed the sun less and because their diets in the northern climates contained less vitamin D. Lightly pigmented skin produces more vitamin D in sunshine than darker skin. The further north the Cro-Magnons moved, the lighter their skin became. The transformation occurred in less than 40,000 years.

Since Neandertals lived in Europe for about 200,000 years, it is almost certain their skin color evolved to lighter shades. So when the Cro-Magnons first entered Europe, they would have still been dark-skinned and they would have encountered light-skinned Neandertals, who were, therefore, the first white people. It is probably some level of white hubris that depicts Neandertals as dark-skinned and Cro-Magnons as lighter.

We are all descendants of the African Cro-Magnons. It seems like fifty shades of stupid to differentiate ourselves based on color pigmentation.

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