Heart of the Bison Book

A dream. Fight for survival. Heart of the Bison

Ancient artifacts in the caves of Europe and the Middle East indicate that in the Neandertal culture women and children gathered around the fire in the cave to work and play. Men set up small fiefdoms around the walls of the cave, separated from the women and children. Men were the hunters and the leaders of the clans. Women bore and cared for the children that were the future of the clan. The Neandertal trilogy begins about 25,000 years ago when a young Neandertal girl receives a dream from Mother Earth showing Kec that she is chosen to save her people. Legends of her people talk of powerful female leaders called Shorecs who are rarely called when the future of the clan is threatened. Kec becomes Shorec and her name is changed to Kectu. She makes many mistakes and her faith in her calling falters as circumstances force her to travel far from her clan searching for the meaning of her calling.


Spirit Fire Book

War. Revenge. Love. Spirit Fire

In September 1991 in the Ӧtztal Alps, a well-preserved natural mummy who lived between 3105 and 3359 BCE was discovered. Found with the mummy were his clothes, tools, and equipment. Scientists were able to determine how he died and map out tattoos on his skin. There has been much speculation about the mummy nick-named the Ice Man. In the winter of 3289 BCE a young man, Tincolad, sets out on a journey to seek revenge against Warlog who murdered his father and left his frozen body hidden on a mountain. Tincolad joins Warlog’s army looking for an opportunity to kill him. When Tincolad is captured, he must decide if he will break a sacred blood oath with the warriors of his people in order to teach his captors how destroy the army. Tincolad has fallen for Soft Cloud, a woman from the enemy camp. To avoid making the choice, he sets out with a spiritual leader, Sotif, in search of a sacred Spirit Fire. The search will lead him to a critical moment when he must choose the road his life will take.


Search for the Heart of the Bison

Hidden world. Terror plot. Search for the Heart of the Bison

The fall of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 changed the lives and fortunes of many people. Before the attack, Sandi Hartwell’s life was planned out. She would get a degree in anthropology, specializing in early man. Along with that, she would do several summers of field work to augment her resume and then settle down to teach her subject in a high school. Anxious to follow up on previous work in Pakistan, she jumps at the opportunity to return to an archeological dig there when the mysterious Garret Chambers is able to pull strings to get the crew back. That decision the will start Sandi’s life on a course she could never have imagined, hiding from terrorists while following the geological trail of an ancient priestess named Kectu, Sandi tries to defuse a plot to sink the planet into a world war.


Dead Angels

Gruesome murders. Dark secrets. Dead Angels.

Three years ago, Shari Darling sent her second husband, Carl Paskel, to prison for molesting her eight-year-old daughter. Now, Tom has been released on parole. He is repentant and living an exemplary life but Shari knows better. And then dead bodies of young girls start to pile up. When Russell Blaine, Carl’s cellmate, reaches out to Shari and alleges that Carl is killing the girls, Shari becomes enmeshed in a dangerous game where losing could cost her life.



Indian legend. Soul Mate. Struggle. Reward. Timpanogos

From a young age Randal Anderson has a hard time understanding girls. The summer after high school he thinks he has finally found his soul mate. When that relationship falls apart, Randal muddles on hoping for another soul mate. In a series of attempts and failures Randal is left with three children to raise. After giving up all possibility of getting a second chance, Randal meets Karen Troy when his grown children make plans to leave home. Randal senses the same soul mate feelings, but the tender memories of that summer with Allyson threaten to ruin this new relationship. Randal has a plan, but he is in for unforeseen surprises along the way.



Sexual abuse. Family secrets. Robyn

Sexual abuse of children was hardly ever heard of back in the fifties and sixties. With the widely covered stories of cult-like abuse at McMartin preschool, the door was opened for more reporting of child abuse. While the abuse itself is horrific, the long term effect on victims and the families adds to the damage. Robyn discovers there are secrets in her family that go back to accusations about her grandfather. In order to protect her daughter, she must find a way to dig them out and discover the hidden truth. Her mother’s family split up before Robyn was born, leaving forbidden questions that are not allowed to be asked. Robyn will have to ask the questions and seek answers from family members she has never met.


About the Author

Glen R Stott

Glen R. Stott was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He is a retired civil engineer living in Southern California with his wife where he maintains his garden and works in the differing phases of his writing career. He has written poems and short stories for pleasure since junior high school. He enjoys researching and writing novels about various subjects. His works include a psycho-thriller, two novels about pre-historical peoples, a science fiction, and a modern day romance. In his current novel, Robyn, he tackles the stressful relationships in a family that has been infected by the evil of sexual child abuse In addition to writing, he is interested in history, politics, economics, and science.